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walk in bath
walk-in bath
walkin baths
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walk-in shower

Walk-in Baths, Bath Showers & Bathing Aids

Easy access baths and showers at affordable prices

Whatever your bathing needs, Nationwide Mobility offers a comprehensive range of easy access showers and baths to suit any space, budget and physical need.


Our wide product range includes walk-in baths, anti-slip showers, disabled showers, bathlifts and bath belts to make your bathing experience much easier and more relaxing.


To make sure people can enjoy bathing without stress or undue effort, each Nationwide Mobility bath is thoughtfully designed and built to meet our quality and performance standards. In most cases we can install your new bath or shower within a day.


Our easy access baths or shower-baths offer:

bathing options that can be used by all the family
a range of colours to suit your existing suite
quick and easy installation
  • left or right sided access doors
  • 12 month guarantee

Nationwide Mobility gives you value, reliability, ease of operation and most of all - safety..

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