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Bathing when elderly

For many people, bathing can become problematic when they get a bit older. Loss of balance or restricted mobility can make it harder to get out of the bathtub or use an in-bath shower. Most people want to remain independent without needing the help of someone else when bathing. Fortunately the answer to bathing when elderly is often quite simple.

Help with bathing

There may be a number of reasons you need to start considering how to get in and out of the bathtub. This could be following an operation like a hip replacement or knee reconstruction. It could also be due to arthritis or a progressive mental health disease, such as dementia, which makes it hard for people to do things themselves.

Whatever the cause, it’s perfectly natural to feel frustrated. With just a few adjustments bathing can remain safe and pleasurable.

Elderly Bathing - Walk in baths and Showers

How elderly get in and out of the bathtub

It’s important to recognise what is needed. For some elderly people it’s simply a matter of adding grab rails to a shower or bath. An inflatable bath lift which can fit into your existing bathtub can be a quick and easy solution that will give you just the boost you need to help you get out of the bath.

Items such as a bath belt or chair which lower you into the bath and raise you out at the touch of a button are also great products.

But for a safer and more relaxed bathing experience, it might be more suitable to install a low access product such as a walk-in shower or a walk-in bath.

Safety first

Older people who struggle with their mobility and balance may find it a comfort and relief to have assistance while bathing, this doesn’t mean they need to lose their independence. Bath lifts and belts, or walk-in showers, will allow them to continue bathing themselves. Walk-in showers can also be installed with grab rails and shower chairs to help with balance.

After Care

Speak to the walk-in bath experts

Nationwide has a large range of products that offer easy bathing for those who find it hard through aging, disability or injury.

See our walk-in bath range here, our walk-in shower range here and our bath lifts here, all to help bathing when elderly.

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